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Swansea to lead Welsh COVID Recovery

The recent UK Powerhouse report names Swansea as an economic leader for COVID-19 recovery in Wales listing it alongside other top ten UK cities for employment. The report predicts the upward trajectory of employment numbers in the city from public sector jobs particularly in education, health, and administration being among those least affected by the pandemic. These sectors are set to continue to create employment opportunities and are projected to benefit Swansea in the year ahead. The construction of the Centre for Integrated Semiconductor Materials (CISM) will contribute as a driver to economic recovery in the region and wider context. Contractors continue to work safely and in adherence to government guidelines onsite, and we look forward to observing the ongoing construction as well as the economic opportunities this project will bring to South Wales in the future.

Click HERE for the full report from Business News Wales. References

Report Predicts Swansea will lead COVID-19 Recovery in Wales (Business News Wales) --

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