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CISM Construction Update September 2021

Construction progress on the CISM building at the Swansea University Bay Campus has been moving along quickly and according to schedule. The contractors at Kier Construction have been working diligently to maintain a COVID safe working environment and continue to deliver upon milestones despite the difficulties brought on over the past 16 months due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked about his most recent site visit, Professor Paul Meredith said:

‘Progress on building CISM has been remarkable during very difficult times – it has taken great effort from all our contractor team, our colleagues in Swansea University Estates, and of course our CISM team. There is still a long way to go, but we look forward to the next big milestone which is making the building watertight in November.’

The building itself is located within the engineering quarter at the heart of Swansea University’s Bay Campus. The Centre will be equipped with clean room, research and office facilities and will use sustainable and energy efficient building practices as well as renewable energy technology such as solar PV and heat recovery. CISM aims to bring together communities of researchers and is a multi-disciplinary cooperative comprised of a vast network of partnerships, both academic and industry based.

We are looking forward to the summer of 2022, when we can walk through the doors of South Wales’ new Centre for Integrative Semiconductor Materials!

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